How to use an FM transmitter?

Its operation

Small wireless accessory, the FM transmitter is the ideal adapter for all those who do not have a car stereoequipped with a jack or USB. Plugged into the player, it allows you to listen to your music by transmitting on a specific FM channel. The titles stored on the digital music player are then broadcast via the speakers of the car. Universal, most FM transmitters are compatible with all types of digital music players, including smartphones and support MP3 and WMA formats. If you are not femilier with the Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, i recomend you to read about it. its very handy gadget.


The good choice

If all the transmitters operate on the same principle, their comfort of use is not equal according to the models. More practical, the transmitters with backlit display legibly display the frequencies to be able to change easily if necessary; on non-monitor models, the information is displayed on the player’s screen, sometimes making the menu unusable.


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How to listen to the music of your smartphone by car

The automatic frequency scanning function is attractive: you will not have to manually search the stations for poor reception. Many transmitters are also equipped with several frequency memorizations: they make it possible to switch from one station to another more easily. Finally, a little more, some models are equipped with a remote control, convenient to make adjustments from its seat.

Question quality of transmission, you will have the choice between different emission ranges. While many FM transmitters have a range of 5 meters, the best transmit range is up to 15 meters, effectively limiting interference and interference.


Its implementation

To avoid the risk of an accident, install and adjust the transmitter before starting your vehicle. Its start is very simple and is done in 4 steps:

  1. Turn on the car radio and look for a free FM frequency, that is to say a station that emits no frequency, on which no sound or program can be heard.
  2. Connect the digital music player or SD card to the transmitter
  3. Connect the transmitter to the cigarette lighter (not required for battery models)
  4. Synchronize the transmitter and car radio frequencies

If the reception is not optimal, that the quality of emission is not satisfactory, it is enough to change the channel on the car radio and to operate again the synchronization of the apparatus and the car radio.

Tips and tricks to optimize your reception

Despite sufficient transmission range, the FM transmitter is inevitably subject to interference and interference. For this reason and in order to benefit from the best possible reception and sound quality, approach it as close as possible to the car radio. In addition, if your car stereo is only used to listen to your own music and not the radio, remember to remove the antenna from your car. This will limit interference with radio broadcasts.


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